Monday, May 17, 2010

I know a lady...

I know a lady. She is quite something. She is the kind of person that takes over a room when she walks into it. She is so full of life that it spills onto anyone in her path. She has never met a stranger and can become best friends with a stranger in about 5 seconds flat. She is beautiful. She will randomly start to belly laugh about the most random things. Her favorite color is pink. She loves dark chocolate and chips and salsa...not together of course:-) She loves her children unconditionally and would do anything for any of them...and does. She is fearless, I love how fearless she is. I love how diligently she is pursuing her God and the deeper life. She is willing to try anything and does (within reason). She has a beautiful spirit. She is part of the reason I am who I am. She has shaped and molded me the best she knows how. She loves deeply. She loves the Holy Land and can even speak some Arabic. She is gracious and kind. I want her to know how much I appreciate her, how truly and deeply she is loved. I love you Mom and I miss you...

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    You, I should never read your blogs at work. I cannot control the sobbing. Thank goodness we're in mud season and no one's here.

    I, too, know a lady that is quite sompin'! She has blessed my life with her life. Her life has inspired me to be more courageous, more fearless, and to search after in a more diligent and deeper way my heavenly prince. My walk with Him is so much more precious because of the things He has given her to give to me. I cannot imagine my life without this woman. She is strong, solid, and unwavering. A rock. She should have been named Petra, which means rock. Instead her mother named her Jade, which is a precious gem. Actually, her name is not by any means a mistake...for she is truly a "rare" gem. I love you, too, Jade and I always miss you when we're apart.