Friday, September 30, 2011

days like today.

Today is a jump on a train, eat extra dark chocolate, sun slanting through my window, where in the world are my keys, can one overdose on tea, why can't I find anything to wear, ok, now where's my phone...oh, it's dead (ha!) I'll just curl my hair instead, and despite it all isn't Jesus amazing, kind of day:-) Ever had one of those? Mmhmm, I am. I don't mind. They keep life, the spice in a soup that you can't exactly place, but you know you like it anyway. I like these kinds of days. Do you know why? Because, they are a true test to prove what I have going on inside of me, for whatever it might be is what's going to come out full force! And praise His name, all I've done is giggle;-) There have been times in the past that this was definitely not true, times when the ridiculous circumstances around me taught me that I needed to go throw myself at His feet, because I was as far from having anything good come out of me as I'd ever been. I still don't naturally have anything good in me and even still, I at times have to take a moment to be still and quiet and let it sink in that this stuff is very little compared to what I could be dealing with. I've learned that if I take that moment to be still and let His sense of humor fill me, the little ridiculous things become just that, little and ridiculous and very amusing!

So, I've lost my keys...again....what am I going to do about it? Become frustrated and vent about all the things going wrong in my life and how this is the last straw? Nope! I'm going to smile, calm down, stand still, and ask Him to help me find them, because He cares about everything going on in our lives...even lost keys. Isn't that amazing?! I think it is...and how can I possibly have a bad day when I remember that He's right there with me through it all, just waiting to help me find what I've lost, or just hold me in His arms and let me cry just a very little;-)  Because I'm a girl and sometimes a good cry just helps clean my whole world and put things back into prospective...though, I tend to only cry while I'm alone with Him. No need to be dramatic and do it around others, because you know what? No one else is going to be able to hold you or comfort you or understand you like He can. True story. Trust me, I completely get it if you need a good cry for no particular reason, but doing it to draw attention to yourself and your problems is not the right way to go about it. Have a good cry with Him, then allow Him to help you back on your feet, and go face the world with His radiance shining through you!

I always feel so much better when I handle it like this:-) Knowing that He is eager to sit and hold me while I have a bit of a melt down is so incredible! To know that I can be myself, I don't have to pretend with Him because He knows me better than I know myself is the most wonderful thought!!! And to know He loves me too much to just allow me to stay the way I am is even better. That He constantly wants to gently (and sometimes not so gently...because at times I need a good kick to the backside to snap me out of whatever I've fallen into) teach me that I can go ever deeper, ever farther with Him, well, it all just makes me fall more and more and more in love with Him every day! Because, though He allows me to "melt" sometimes, He's teaching me that to know more and more of Him is to become stronger and stronger through, all the falling apart happens less and less...thank goodness!!

But, just to clarify, I'm not falling apart by any means...far from it! Today is beautiful and wonderful and days like today make me love being alive. Don't you want to just go somewhere with me, friend? We could just hop in the car and wherever! Or we could go eat ice-cream spontaneously before noon...;-) Or you could come with me to a little coffee shop and sit across from me while I design and you can read...or write, or whatever! Or we could just sit somewhere and just be together, because isn't it a sign of true friendship when you can be together doing nothing in particular?

Have a beautiful day with Him! And laugh at the little things...


  1. oh I love you to death. well, I've never met you. But I KNOW I instantly would, if I did ;) It must be in the air, cause yes I've had that spontaneous "hop on a train and go somewhere random" feeling all day. I like it, don't you? Keep on sharing your smiles with us all

  2. This post makes me smile. I love your random quirkiness, Jade-bird...and your honesty.

    I think Anne Shirley would have been like you if she had found a deeper level of faith.

  3. Splendid post, my friend! :) What a blessing those types of days are, to lead us closer to our Beloved Jesus. I would love to go somewhere random with you! Not much longer and we shall be able to! I have a great big smile at the thought! :D

  4. I have an idea. You want to go somewhere? Come to Alabama! Meet you at the airport in the morning? Awesome. Can't wait!