Friday, October 21, 2011

in which i discuss random things.

Loving my life right now...even if I am really tired. Here are a few random happenings and things I'm loving at the moment:

  •  molasses bread and pesto anyone? not together, just saying they're both amazing;-)
  • a little girl that wakes up with the wildest hair I've ever seen. Seriously.
  • friends that trip over pumpkins (you know what they say about tripping over pumpkins...
  • His amazing joy.
  • chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon frosting...not together...well, you know that actually might be rather good together...
  • a kindred friend that is matching me (clothes wise) lately more than is normal.
  • I've officially decided that I miss my Dad and Beth and home more than should be possible. Christmas, why are you so far away???
  • golden leaves.
  • early morning send off.'s. not that I actually loved this, but I do love the thought of seeing them again...even if it is far away.
  • have I mentioned that I hate my cell phone? cause I do. a lot. I was not meant to own a cell phone.
  • Emily of New Moon.
  • sleeping with the window open whilst snuggled under my down comforter...or I would if I were actually sleeping...ha!
  • coffee.
  • music with a decidedly appalachian mountain flare. 
  • pouring every emotion I have inside me, into that violin that is a part of me.
  • the color gray.
  • bright sunshine and golden leaves
  • prayer, prayer, and more prayer.
  • Jesus...
  • thinking about Jamie's wedding in November...thinking about returning to an old life, yet still loving the current one. and wondering if Robin Hood's somewhere in my old life, or in the new...
  • honey crisp apples. best apples ever. 
  • ballet flats. I would very much like to own a pair of purple ones.
  • realizing just how much I love time alone. really, really. I'm a forced extrovert who's secretly an introvert just wishing to steal away and take a nice long walk alone...or go read in some corner of the wood. 
  • thinking about my grandpa every time I look at the beautiful ring he gave my mom on her 16th birthday that I now wear. I miss him more than I can put into words, for he really was my knight in shining armor.
Hmmm, that's quite a few things, but so many deep things have been going on the last few days, it's good to just see the simple ones written out. Maybe I'll write about those deep things sometime, maybe I won't. Some things are just too deep and some too sacred to capture, no matter how hard one might try. What are some wonderfully simple things happening in your life right now?


  1. Painful refinement. But something I look on with love. Is that considered simple? Ah, but He is ever gentle. Oh, so patient.

    Loved this post, Jade.

  2. Thank you, Melanie! Love when you comment!! You're such an encouragement to me:-)

  3. oh, I love this post, Miss Jade! I've been reading One Thousand Gifts recently and realizing just how many good gifts from the Lord there are that I simply take for granted! He delights to give us good can we be so complacent about them??

    And I want to hear you play the violin sometime. :)

  4. Abby! we need to get together!! And I'm glad you enjoyed the post:-) He is so faithful, even in the small things...especially the small things.

    You can come hear me play anytime! I'd love to play for you;-)