Saturday, October 15, 2011


So, I love to be classy and all "breakfast at Tiffany's" and "Jackie O" put together...but, let's face it, I'm a little too "beachy" and "whimsical" to totally pull this has something to do with having all that sand and salt water in my blood I think. Sometimes I can pull off the whole classically put together thing, but not on a normal, day to day basis. I mean, if you could see my room, you'd really see what I mean. I can't seem to go rambling about the woods without finding some little treasure (aka birds' nests, funky branches, dried flowers/weeds, little pebbles...) I can't live without that I'm sure were just lying there waiting for me to find and take home:-)

With all that said, it would then stand to reason that my dream car would not fall into the exactly...normal...girly sort of car. Nope. I've got a little hippy left over from being raised by a mother who was quite that in her day. So, if I could drive any vehicle I wanted and didn't have to worry about money, this is what I'd take far above anything else. I used to have one and not a single day goes by that I don't get into my very normal car and pretend that I had again what I now only dream of...

Yep, did you picture me in that? Cause these are so totally me:-)

 It's so beautiful here this evening. The clouds above the mountains look like they've caught fire and are burning with the last light of the sinking sun. Twilight and the first light of a coming dawn are my favorite times of day. I think I could forever live in either one...But, you know what the best thing to do in the twilight is? To rock a very sleepy little boy who is hot and sticky (why are children perpetually sticky, no matter how many times you wipe them down?) from playing very hard. Nothing can melt my heart faster than the sound of a little voice asking to be held or, as this little boy says, "Will you cuddle wis me?" Little man, I'll just sit here and "cuddle wis you" until the end of forever. Yes, my heart has been officially removed from my chest and is now running around with four little kiddos who fill my days and several more that are now on our campus. One of our precious little Ethiopian boys ran up to me today, jumped in my arms for a hug, then pulled my face down between his little hands and kissed my cheek. Oh, that did it. I'm officially twitter pated! And sitting in that chair tonight, rocking that beautiful little boy whom I get to spend every day with, all I could think was, "Please let this be my future one day!" But, until I hold my own little boy or girl, I'm completely content to sit here for as many twilights as He sees fit and rock this little boy and his precious little curly headed spit-fire of a sister, who looks up at me, pats my face with her soft little hand and croons, " I wuuuuvvv youuuu!" Yes, I would have every single day that I live this life overflowing with children of every color. That's what I dream about for a future...and maybe a VW van thrown in there somewhere too;-)

I hope you have a beautiful night overflowing with His sweet love and dreams for your future as well, my friend...


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  2. (Because I cannot spell, I am reposting. ;) )

    "Beautiful, Jade. Beautiful."

  3. :) Jade, I hope you too are having a beatiful night overflowing with sweet dreams and the comfort of His presence...

    I feel as though you share my heart... perhaps you were describing me above! I find it so amazing that our God is so creative to make us different, yet alike, in many different ways. VW van's and kiddo hugs all the way! <3

    Blessings and love,

  4. I love you Jade! Yes... I pictured you in that car! You told us about that up in Edwards!

  5. Yep. I can totally picture it :)

  6. Jade, you make me laugh! I really am not surprised by your choice of dream car - it's so cute and funky and full of character! Though I must admit, the only thing that draws me that car are the fun colors... but I do suppose it would fit a harp pretty well!

    My friend, you make me miss you and those dear children so much. Especially those dear orphans who I have not even met (yet...). But thank you for bringing them to life through your beautiful words. It makes me ache with love for them.