Saturday, December 4, 2010

Random Thoughts.

Here I sit and I realized that I am thinking about the most random things. So, what do I do with all this randomness going on inside me? Blog about it of course!

1. If I planted a bulb indoors in a class jar, how long would it take for it to bloom? I think I shall try this little experiment...what kind of bulb should I plant? Anyone want to give me any suggestions or tips?

2. If one more person walks by me that wreaks of cigarettes, I am quite sure to be ill.

3. There is a woman sitting across from me reading this ginormous book on...kittens. Yes.

4. Which will be better for a tummy that's not feeling so well, peppermint or ginger tea?

5. If I could play any instrument I wanted, I'd play the cello. But, I play the violin.

6. I am about to be it weird that I don't feel weird about this? People keep acting like I should be freaking out because I'm half way through my twenties and, "You're going to be 30 in five years." Why, yes, yes I am. Imagine that?! You can do math!

7. Forget the ginger and peppermint tea, I'll take Holiday tea instead. Cinnamon, cloves, and orange...YUM!

8. This ring on my hand has gotten way too much does it cost to have a ring resized?

9. I want Grace to come home please.

10. I am addicted to quirky decorating magazines. Oh man, do I have the best idea for my golden wall. I'll probably have to post pictures of it:-)

11. I miss a certain friend. A lot.

12. I love oranges!!!

13. Could I find an old window pane anywhere to hang on my wall? How neat would that be??

14. I would really love some extra dark chocolate right about now.

15. I am ecstatic that my Mom is coming to spend next weekend with me for my birthday:-D

16. I'm becoming quite obsessed with bell jars, bird's nests, and moss. There's something charming about bringing the outdoors into indoor decorating. And I LOVE to decorate...becoming quite the expert on how to do this on a shoe string budget.

17. Also, falling in love with splashes of purple and hints of gold here and there.

18. Wonder how much my decorating style will have changed when I'm the dreaded 30? I'm quite excited about being 30. What is everyone going on about?

19. I am determined to read a book and have it finished by next week. This is not a huge feat for me seeing how I'm usually a voracious reader. Lately, reading has not been the top priority, however. Time to amend that.

20. Do you ever blog and journal at the same time? I do. Doing it right now actually:-)

21. Listening to Rachmaninoff Rhapsody and Songbird over and over again.

22. Why is it that when I have the most wonderful desk, I choose to sit on the floor with computer, journal, and books all sitting on Nama's old trunk? It is the perfect height to type though.

23. What would it be like to spend a year in England or Ireland living in a little country cottage and just writing. Writing and concentrating on photography till my heart wanted to burst? I'd like to find out...

24. I miss Italy. A lot.

25. I wish we had open air markets here like Switzerland and Italy. I could live off bread, cheese, and fresh fruit...and espresso and dark chocolate of course:-)

26. I've discovered recently that I like dijon mustard far more than is normal. Really.

27. I have also discovered that I really enjoy soft boiled eggs, hate hard boiled eggs, and prefer sunny side up above all the rest:-)

28. I want to wear my Bible out. You know, where you pick it up and know that this Bible is well worn and used daily.

29. Why can't "The Egg and I" have cinnamon-nutmeg coffee year round? I'd drink it:-)

30. I have now come to number 30 and decided to end here. I'd love to know if any of my...cough, cough, faithful, cough, cough...readers have anything to say about all this randomness I've just thrown at you! And I hope that you, dear reader, have a beautiful night...go enjoy some dark chocolate. Or an orange.


  1. :0) I hope you don't mind a reader and commenter who you haven't met . . . yet. :0)
    How fun! I just posted a "random" post on my photography blog . . . felt I needed to post *something* for my faithful Aunt who checks on me every Sunday. :0)
    I would probably chose a tulip - I'm partial to those, but as far as advice, haha, I'm the last person who should give advice when it comes to gardening. ;0) When's your birthday? Mine's this week too! Growing up I felt very alone with a December b-day, but now I know so many people who's b-day's are in Dec. I'll be 34, and yes, *that* feels weird. :0) Part of that feeling comes from still being considered a kid at age 30, because I wasn't married. Part of it is because the time has gone so fast - I recently realized that I'll be *twice* as old as when I got on a plane and flew to college!. . . maybe a purple tulip would suit your fancy? :0)

  2. Mind you commenting though I haven't met you?! Good heavens, I am ecstatic that you commented! I quite adore comments, really:-) Especially from people I don't know in person. I do believe, however, that you commented on my thanksgiving post? ;-) I think a tulip would be wonderful and a purple tulip doubly so. My birthday is the 12th, when's yours? Where I work, we have lots of December birthdays, which makes the month very fun for all of us! Have a beautiful week:-D

  3. What a fun post, Jade! It was quite entertaining to read and brought a smile to my face. :) Hope you are doing well!

    With love,

    PS-The new design of your blog is WONDERFUL! :)

  4. Haha, oh good! :0) I am praying that it'll work out for me to attend a discipleship conference next year. I feel like I already know some of you and feel like I'm a part of Ellerslie. :0) Yes, I commented on your Thanksgiving post, too. Lots of December b-days - how fun! I guess it'd be hard to have too much ice cream. ;0) I remember hearing that Eric's was in Dec. Mine is the 9th. Wishing you a very blessed and Happy Birthday! Have a GREAT week! :0)

  5. Well, I will be praying that the Lord opens the doors for you to come and visit us at Ellerslie! What a joy it would be to meet you!!

    Ashley, I'm so glad you like the new look:-) I wasn't sure about it at first, but I love it now! And I'm so glad my silliness brought a smile to your face. Have a beautiful day with Him, sweet girl.

  6. Thanks, Jade. That means a lot to me. :0)

  7. Jade,
    My Mom, has a beautiful window pane that she got in college that is beautiful and sits right in the bathroom :) As for bulbs...we just planted paperwhites, and their little green heads are just starting to emerge :))

    Keep me updated on what you plan to do :))