Friday, August 12, 2011

joy today.

Ordinary things that have brought me loads of joy today:

  • beautiful music...ah, food for my soul....
  • homemade banana bread...oh wait, the timer just went off for me to grab it out of the oven...hang on just a second, I'll be right back;-)
  • weather that, first thing this morning, held the promise of autumn just around the bend.
  • cinnamon-honey bread for a beautiful little curly headed girl...
  • having said curly head laughing and giggling over aforementioned bread...
  • pigtails on the top of a delicate asian head...
  • gazing into the face of this little asian girl and smiling as she laughs, making her stunning eyes almost disappear...
  • homemade bread....not banana bread...just homemade bread:-) I've got lots of bread going on around here!
  • watching the sun make said bread rise. Isn't that the homiest thing to watch? 
  • a beautiful soft pink and lavender sunset over mountains beyond mountains.
  • the thought of having coffee with one of the dearest friends I have first thing in the morning on her back porch....
  • the thought of coffee in the morning.
  • thinking of having tea tonight...
  • the cool evening air, for it's promising as the morning did, that autumn is coming.
  • excitement over going home for the first time since Christmas in just a couple weeks!!! Well, that and giving my Dad a huge hug!!! Now would be a good time to mention that I have the best dad in the entire world. And we couldn't be any more's kinda scary. I just simply adore him. One of my most favorite things to do is just hang out with him and not really do anything...or just sit there and talk about nothing really...or about everything that is huge and ginormous in my life. And he's the only person who gets me, even when I don't do things that make sense. True story. And since I've become an adult, things he's done in the past that never made sense to me are suddenly making so much sense. Doesn't mean I agree with everything, just means I get him:-) Because, apparently I'm becoming more and more like him...and you know what? I love who he is! So, if you're reading this Dad, I love you:-D Really, really!
So, what brought you joy today? 


  1. (I can't resist answering.)

    Worship music, slight warm breeze, and sunset during an evening jog; a Savior that's amazing.


    And all the things that brought you joy today?...lovely.


  2. What brought me joy today?

    ~Watching an energetic blond haired, blue eyed, little boy and his spunky, brown eyed big sister with bouncy brown curls pour, squish and trow mud on one another amid many gleeful giggles.
    ~Spraying said kiddos off with the water-hose
    ~A beautiful sunrise
    ~The sweet presence of Jesus

    These are some of the things that brought me joy today.

  3. that's wonderful about your dad. What a blessing. now, just don't become too much like him or who knows, you might have to look in the mirror each day and start to shave!

    i did not grow up with my father b ut I love him very much although we are nothing alike. Very new agey.

  4. Mmm: Hahahaha! Yes, it's very possible that I might have to shave one day if I keep becoming so much like my dad at the rate I am;-) Isn't it wonderful though, even when our father's aren't all they should be, to know that we have the most perfect Heavenly Father?:-) This is a sweet assurance.

    Thank you Kourtney and Melanie for sharing what brought you joy! It definitely brought a smile to my face:-)