Wednesday, August 3, 2011

you are you.

Don't you love those quiet evenings when stillness seems to just envelop you? When the chorus of crickets out in the darkness sing of a Creator who cares so much for the tiniest things, He invented them to forever praise Him with comforting voices in the dark. I love these kind of evenings. Sitting here thinking of nothing in particular and everything that matters all at once. The thoughts come and go, dancing through my mind, as fleeting as a flock of tiny birds. Dipping, turning, cartwheeling, here and there, yet not standing still long enough to capture all of their essence. It doesn't really matter anyway, because it's that sort of evening. The kind where I sit here and talk to my God about all the little things that don't really matter to anyone else, because He's that kind of God. He cares about all those little things that no one else cares to hear, the smallest things I never voice to anyone else, just to Him. And He is the only one I care to hear such tiny thoughts. For a moment, as I talk about these meaningless things and as He intently listens, the great expanse that physically separates us seems to close a bit and through those little things, my enormous and mighty God is brought closer to me...or rather, I am drawn nearer to Him. Here, on this kind of evening, my heart knows full well that He truly gives all of Himself to each of His children and He is fully giving all of Himself to me now. Yet, how can this be? This is the echoing reply of my heart. I don't know, I don't have the answer, I just feel it in every fiber of my being. Because, I suppose, I am me, there is no one else like me in the entire world and so He gives all of Himself to me in just the way I need Him to.

Yet, it is the same for you. Yes, you. For you see, it does not matter how many people read this blog entry, if it's five or ten or thousands upon thousands of people, you are reading it in this moment and you will take something from it that no one else has, because you are you, and there is no one else like you in the whole world. So it is with your God. He is waiting, yearning to give all of Himself to you in just the way you need Him, because He created you unlike any other and you will take something from Him that no one else will. Why? Because you and I both have a unique and personal relationship with Him! Your relationship with Him is not like mine or any others, because you are who He's made you and there is a special section of His heart reserved just for you, just as there is a special place in His heart reserved just for me.

Is that not an astounding thought? It is for me here in this moment.

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  1. This post is beautiful, and resonates with me. Thank you.