Monday, August 8, 2011

other world.

I went on a beautiful adventure up into the mountains yesterday. This particular adventure has made me decide something quite firmly....I have decided that the Aspen tree is the most graceful tree there is. They are like a young ballerina and I'm almost certain that if they could freely move about, they would not just move, they would dance in graceful arcs over their majestic mountains.

 Riding up into the silence of the forests and meadows, gazing through densely clustered pines where the sunlight fought for every inch it gained onto the forest floor below, taking a peek into the real life world of a "Mr. Beaver" and having him gaze back in curiosity, I truly, honestly, could have believed myself to have stumbled into Narnia. It was as if, up there, nothing else existed. As if reality seemed to shift and alter it's course, for reality surely could not be the same in such a place. Every birdsong, every tiny flower shining in full, glorious color for it's Creator, even the smallest bumble bee, all seemed to cry out of a God who's imagination is beyond comprehension.

That's such a beautiful thought for me to meditate on and take relief in. My God is not some stoic, unmoving, unfeeling being somewhere out there in the universe. The God who has stolen my heart laughs and dreams and loves and has every emotion to the uttermost, yet to perfection. His imagination is incredible and I would have mine be but a drop of what His is. I would have Him teach me to stop and see the beauty He has created in all it's enchanting glory! For each leaf on every tree, each sunset He paints across every evening sky, every bubbling brook and laughing creek that dance across every forest floor, they all sing such individual songs, yet that same golden cord runs like a lifeline through them all. They have but one purpose, to lift up His name and bring a smile to our face! Isn't that wonderful?!

Well, I think it's simply splendid:-) And at the end of this lovely adventure, I came back to my own reality quite taken, once again, with the face of my Jesus. For He was written all over those hills and mountains.

So, now here I am, sitting in a coffee shop (which is also inspiring, just in a different way) trying to accurately convey what I felt yesterday up in that other world. I am doing a very poor job. It seems, my words do not capture in the tiniest measure what I was feeling. Do you know how, when you see something so utterly not of this world and you know in that moment that surely, there is a desire for something there that nothing in this world will ever fill, and in that moment the beauty is so overwhelming it hurts...well, it is in those moments that I know I was made for another world and this one is but the dimmest shadow of things to come...

"If we discover a desire within us that nothing in this world can satisfy, we should begin to wonder if perhaps we were created for another world."
-C.S. Lewis 


  1. Great quote. I love your pure sweet passion for Jesus. he must truly be blessed by your writings, and, speaking as a designer, let me tell you have have a most beautiful blog. I love your pics and the clean lovely layout.

    I needed to see this blog tonight. Your writing and the spirit behind your words has lifted me no end. thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! All the glory goes to Jesus, for without Him, this little nook of mine would be nothing. I pray that you have a beautiful evening overflowing with His sweet love:-)

  3. How loving He is to captivate our hearts so, Jade! Often times, it truly cannot be captured in words...but I think you did a beautiful job conveying what you did. And those of us who have experienced it can understand the mystery and beauty of it all.

    May He shower You with His love today,