Friday, November 4, 2011

I... this picture!!!

Imagine what life would be like if we could see each other's souls instead of what's on the outside?

P.S. I get my amazing little brother for the whole entire weekend! Words cannot capture how utterly excited I am about this! And on top of that, my darling kindred friend (Lou) is riding with me to get him. I am so blessed:-) *happy sigh...*

P.S.S I am now the very delighted owner of a pair of new "Robin Hood boots" or "Maid Marion" may be more appropriate seeing how I'm a she and all. I also now own a beautiful pair of ballet flats that look like they should be for a princess...*happy sigh again*

P.S.S.S How about our Jesus, isn't He amazing?! I couldn't agree more...:-)


  1. :-D Very happy for you! Love the picture

  2. P.S.S.S. Let's have a debate about how amazing Jesus is....;)....'cepting, I don't think it would be a debate...He would just be greater...and gReAtEr....and GREATER....oh Jade! My heart is so full of Him!



  3. Jade - when I read your blog I feel like I am peeking into an old beautiful wooden chest, with well-oiled hinges so that the lid may open and close frequently and with ease. This chest, once opened reveals itself full to the brim with small and intricate treasures - each holding such fine beauty and having some delightful quirk which keeps one spellbound for a time, and when it is held in the hand makes one laugh out loud for minute and then delicately set the item back into the chest, pausing to close the lid - because to do so means to hid the treasures away - but one must close the lid, in order that the next time we open it, we may behold its contents with new eyes. Yes...that is what reading your blog is like :) I feel that if we were nearer eachother we would talk about all sorts of delightful things and I would love it. You are such a light!

  4. Jasmin, you will never know how very much I needed these beautiful words of yours this day...and in this season. Thank you, my sweet friend. And yes, if we were nearer each other, we would talk of the most delightful things and I would love and appreciate having you close far more than you'd know. I love you!

  5. I love you, and think you are just fabulous!!