Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Narnia, ordinary, small things, flannel shirts, and purple.

Sitting here in my little room, knowing that outside the world is once again being transformed into Narnia, having "Your Heart" pumping through my earphones, and thinking about what the future is good:-) Does it get better than this? I'm sure it must, for each year becomes sweeter and sweeter with Him, but when you're not to the next year yet, it's hard to imagine it becoming more wonderful than what I have in this moment. There are so many amazing and wonderful things in my life! Many of them are simple, ordinary, everyday sorts of things, but that's what I find the most beauty and comfort in anyway, so I love how beautifully ordinary they are. After all, the wardrobe looked quite ordinary to Lucy, yet within it she found all that was extraordinary...and come to think of it, isn't that just like this life we're living? If I can't see or find all the beauty that He means for me to see in the small, ordinary things He gives, how can I expect to find and appreciate any otherworldly adventure in the great things that come along? I don't suppose those great and mighty things will come along at all until I cherish all the small things I have now.

Tell me, how do you feel about snow laden rambles late at night? The only thing stopping me from such a lovely ramble right this very moment, is the fact that though I've now resided in this snowy state for three years, I do not own a pair of snow boots suitable for such rambling about. This is the sad, sad truth. However, I plan on being the proud owner of said snow rambling boots very, very soon. I hope. Perhaps some lovely purple snow boots? I love purple, in case you didn't know by now. Still want those ballet flats in purple...

Speaking of purple, I am seriously lacking in the flannel shirt department. Which doesn't really have anything to do with purple, but since I was speaking of it I thought I'd just throw that out there too! Unless I can find a purple flannel shirt, then it would have everything to do with it. Ha! But, seriously, don't you think flannel shirts (when they're cute and tasteful) are the coziest choice for snowy days? I do! Which is why I need to go find tomorrow. And those snow boots too...

I hope you have a beautiful night with Him, even if your world is not being transformed into Narnia;-)


  1. I do love you so much. And I think we should go purple/flannel/boot shopping together. Oh, and throw some journal shopping in there, too. Because one can never have too many journals. ;)

    And you MUST get snow boots soon, because we must go on as many snowy rambles as we possibly can. When I'm on a snowy ramble, I'm convinced that nothing can be more enchanting.

  2. Loved this, Jade. And I think "snow laden rambles at night" are exquisite. May I join you for one someday? ;) And purple snow boots are lovely...I might take a baby blue pair though...;)


  3. Beautiful, Jade. I went on a ramble at night a couple weeks ago, but that was before the snow came. Now I need to go for another one! And I also live in a very snowy state yet have no snow boots at the moment.

  4. I love flannel shirts so much!!!! And snow boots. I need to get a new pair... :) love this Jade!

    ps (to Grace). I agree. No one can ever have too many journals.

  5. I just so happened to be browsing the flannel shirts today, and I might go back and purchase one tomorrow. Apparently they're popular in France too. :)

  6. I am very fond of late-night snow-rambling :) I love how the moon lights up a snow-covered land -- I cant resist going out and being a part of it. :)