Friday, November 11, 2011

right now... heart is too full for words. Aslan is on the move, as Annie firmly stated to me this morning...and He is. Though there have been many hard things the past few weeks, the beautiful moments out weigh the bad.

Some of the beautiful moments that are outweighing the bad? Well....:

  • Cooking a huge vat of chili for a beautiful little boy's birthday party.
  • Cornbread....Well, what else do you expect a southern woman to cook for a lot of people, but chili and loads of cornbread? Unless, of course, I was home in South Carolina, then it would be chicken bog all the way. Not sure that my wonderful Colorado family would quite appreciate this low country fare...
  • Chocolate cupcakes. The party's kinda taking over my week:-) It's splendiferous! 
  • Having a beautiful little curly headed girl gaze up at me and say, "Pops is bringing me popcorn on Saturday. Are youuuuu excited???!!!" Yes, sweet girl, how could I be otherwise when you look at me that way? 
  • Charlie. That's it. Just Charlie. 
  • Canadian geese who glide through an achingly beautiful sunset.
  • The fact that I'm getting on a horse tomorrow. Yes. 
  • My Jesus and how, no matter what's happening, there is no possible way that I cannot see the beauty all around me when I'm looking through His eyes. I'm quite smitten with Him:-) 

And He alone is the good in every day.


  1. "He is the lifter up of mine head."

  2. If I count as your "wonderful Colorado family" then i would go chicken bog all the way with you, Jade! Have you tasted our Corncake? YUMMM!! Come over and try it. And, yes.... I am also smitten with Jesus!