Friday, August 19, 2011

in which we have grand adventures.

Yesterday was quite the day! It was full to overflowing with kiddo laughs, questions, hugs, kisses, peanut butter & jelly, and even a few tears thrown in for good measure:-) Yesterday, life was beautiful and grand and simple and one of those days that transported me straight back to a much simpler time in my own life, when ordinary places became the most extraordinary . was full of the sweet love of a God who smiled and laughed and enjoyed every single moment of it with us. 

Look! Miss Annie found her most favorite creature that God ever made...a bat! 
Her love for them was born when one of those small innocent creatures made
the very large mistake of swooping into her house for a small chat...personally,
I think it probably heard of her great hospitality and stopped by for a nice cup of tea...
Annie did not feel the same way however...Let's just say there was much shrieking and 
ducking that ensued...

It's a squirrel! No, it's a possum! No, it's a Hudson!

This little duck was highly suspicious of the men next to her that
looked suspiciously like they might enjoy some duck hunting 
in their free time...

Another little duck we happened upon in our travels....would you 
just look at those eyes! Yep. Cutest. Girl. Ever.

Now, this little squirrel was very concerned that we might find where 
he'd hidden his nuts.... said nuts...."I shall bury them under this very inconspicuous 
neon yellow flower!"

Did I mention that we found one of Peter Pan's lost boys?

He was on the look out for Captain Hook....

After leaving the enchanted forest where children resemble animals,
we happened upon the laboratory of one of the most notorious mad 
scientists in the world...

He was in the midst of teaching his young apprentice his mad ways...

The great mad scientist's much older, wiser, and madder mentor.....

An innocent bystander that happened to be greatly influenced to 
follow the example of all the madness going on.

Can't you just see the madness eminating from that little mind?

Well, with all his mad ways, he sure is the cutest mad scientist
I've ever seen...

When leaving the aforementioned laboratory, I happened upon the young apprentice,
 who was waiting with eager mind to learn the mad ways
of this place...

She was most eager to show me her mad skills of conjuring smoke 
up with her bare hands. True story.

Moving on from the mad laboratory, we found ourselves at the most 
adventurous aquarium!

"Dude, that's a big, it's as big as me!"

"If I get real close, do you think I could become a mermaid
and go in their and cuddle 'wis them?"

He....she?....was trying to kiss Harper's cute face!

So, this particularly adventurous aquarium happens to be home
to three very large tigers. Yes, at the aquarium. Avy, was highly 
disappointed that they were napping whilst she was longing to see them...:-)

Harper's two beautiful hands.

No adventure would be complete without a 
happily-ever-after kiss!

After the many adventures we'd been on, Miss Annie and
Miss Jade highly considered taking up the nice offer of the
staff at the aquarium to leave these two little monkeys with them...

Baby Nemos!!!

Dory and Nemo(s)!!!

Precious curly top.

Avy wanted to know why she couldn't have a peanut butter
and jellyfish sandwich...

Miss Jade's favorite part of the aquarium! I could stare at them
for hours and hours...

Harper was trying to pet Ray...

She was highly suspicious of yet another picture being taken.
"Exactly what are you planning on doing with all these
Miss Jade?"
"Well Avy, funny you should wonder. You see there's this
thing called a blog...." ;-)

Dubby demonstrating the general attitude of everyone once the 
adventures were coming to a close.

Hope you all enjoyed a little glimpse into our day! Between the tea drinking bat, kiddo-animals, lost boy, mad scientist and all the overwhelming displays at the aquarium, I'm still quite amazed that we got out alive! But, we did it, because we are mighty grand adventurers:-D


  1. Glad you guys had fun! :) The costumes and the aquarium creatures look really neat. ;)

  2. :) This post produced many smiles. Pure delight. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your day!

  3. those kids are blessed beyong measure. How sweet for all of you. Yes, bat and tea...hmm, can't say I've ever tried that combo before!

  4. Oh what precious children who I now have the joy of personally knowing!! I especially miss that little curly haired girl :(
    This looks like an especially fun day! Thanks for posting pictures, I like when you post cell phone pictures ;-)
    I miss you Jade but am so blessed to look back over the summer. And now I love your blog even more and will be more likely to comment than in the past!