Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It crept in tonight. And the world was changed. And now I can't sleep because it's here and I'm so very glad! The words come easier, for I'm once again in my little English hide away of a room, staring out at a Narnian landscape and my soul is still. I feel like this when I'm on the sea, as if I can truly breath, as if my spirit just pauses, takes a deep breath and continues on once again refreshed. It wasn't until last year that the snow brought peace with it into my life. I used to hate even the thought of snow and swore I'd never live anywhere that snowed every God has a wonderful sense of humor! For not only did He place me far from the ocean, but He made sure that this place was laden in snow every single winter. And do you know what I discovered? That in the end, He knows me far better than I know myself, that He knew one day (though it took a few years) I would come to look on the mountains that now fill my days and the snow that comes with every winter, and I would smile and relish every moment I have here. He knew that Narnia would become far dearer to me in my mid twenties than it ever was in my childhood and He made sure I'd be somewhere that transformed itself into just that so that I could hide away and fall more and more in love with Him. This is truly what the snow and cold now represent for me, a season of cozying up with Him and going deeper and deeper still.

Yes, winter crept in tonight. Ah, what wonderful days are ahead of me! Days filled with Earl Grey tea, coffee, dark early morning breakfasts at Egg&I, Aslan, reading, designing, waiting, dark chocolate with sea salt and hot tea, peppermint!, anticipation, hot chocolate, warm soup, journaling, new coffee shops (that come highly recommended), friends that love Narnia and snow just as much as I do, kiddo laughter, snow ball fights, ice-skating, mittens, layers, a lovely green winter jacket ( I'm a bit obsessed with kelly green and purple), warm hats, Little Women, and oh, so much more! Jesus, Jesus, and more Jesus! For He is the delight of my days and it is only because of Him that I get to look forward to all of this. I am far more blessed than I have any right to be.

This is what I'm pondering in the dark of this first winter night. I wonder though, what it is about the first snow of the winter? There's definitely something about it. This snow is not like any if the very flakes dancing from the sky were enchanted. Perhaps it really is because it transforms all that there is into something straight from fairy land:-) Alright, I'm off to bed because my brain is becoming a bit foggy and pretty soon I'll be talking of cabbages and kings...sleep well friend!


  1. I don't know if any post has evoked such memories of "home" as this one did for me, Jade! Thanks for sharing...I suddenly found myself walking through the frosted streets and dancing in the snowflakes; once again seeing the Rockies covered in a blanket of whiteness. <3

  2. I can't wait for the snow.. and I love the writing on your blog, wish mine would come out more like that! :) Amazing to see your passion for Jesus permeate everything. xx

  3. How completely delightful. Oh how I wish for winter to come, here in Texas the sun still beats down at 80 degrees. Sadly snow rarely falls here. Hmm, I realize that sounds funny though with Narnia on my mind. The Narnian's longed for winter to be over!
    Someday, I hope to be at Ellerslie when it is laden with snow! Thank you for delighting my morning with your thoughts and praise for Jesus.