Friday, April 8, 2011

what is it?

In and out. Back and forth. It dances and weaves, a thing alive, yet not living, and all about me. Here it, over there! Look, do you see it? It's breaking forth. It's growing greater and greater. Now, lesser and lesser. I reach out my hand, but no matter how I try, I cannot hold it, or touch it. It can touch me though. It grabs ahold and covers all that I am. It glides before my eyes, showing my feet where to step, making my path sure, though not steady.

I am caught up in all that it is. I am enchanted by its beauty, what it can create, how it seems to me a magic thing, always the same and forever changing. Orange, pink, blue, purple, it is all these at their truest forms. I see it every day, though on some it remains hidden...yet, I see it still. All that it is I desire to be. Without it, I would die, I could not survive. The world would not exist if it was no more.

It pierces like a sword and is soft enough to lull a baby to sleep. Though it gives life, it will take life if given long enough to fully posses someone alone.

What is it? Do you know? Anyone care to take a guess?


  1. God's precious spirit. Yes? ♥

  2. Ah, that's a beautiful guess Melanie, but it's not the correct answer:-)

  3. oh, you make things so beautiful, Jade. Now this was fun to think about. So is it the sun ?!?

  4. I'm going to say the sunrise also!

  5. You're all so good! And so, so , close, technically, I guess they're really the same, but I was specifically thinking of sunlight:-) Thanks for playing along....