Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Fog. That's what I walked out to this beautiful, late winter night, for it seems I'm going to never get a normal night's sleep again:-) Which is fine with me as long as He sustains me through it all. I mean, how could I possibly waste time sleeping when there are so many delightful things to see as winter dances her way in? For example, have you ever noticed how clear and bright the stars are after it's snowed? It's as if the snow has washed away any haze from the air. Though, tonight the stars are hidden behind this deep layer of clouds that are hovering low enough to reach out and grab my hand. What would it be like, do you suppose, to have your hand held by a cloud? Perhaps it would be all cottan-y and soft...or maybe it would send a chill through you that would make you draw back. That's what these clouds would feel like, I'm quite sure. They are not friendly clouds. Friendly clouds smile and hover about in all their puffy whiteness on summer days, when the sky is so blue it hurts. These clouds are beginning to menace if they are smiling, but not the kind of smile one wants from clouds. Alright, I'm being a bit dramatic, because the truth is that I love these misty sort or nights, but if I didn't have such a love for precipitation in every form, I could imagine myself quite frightened of said clouds and fog. But, I'm not. No, not even a little bit...although, I really would rather not run into these clouds in a dark ally way...who knows what might happen! Hmmm.....what are your feelings on such things? Whatever it is, I hope you sleep wonderfully.

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  1. I know JUST what you mean, Jade! Thanks for last night (even if it was a little creepy :)