Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Expiration dates are just a are schedules!"

-Author shall remain anonymous per request...;-)
However, this is now one of my favorite quotes
of all time! You know who you are...thank you!!!
This made my entire year so much happier!!!

P.S. I think I'll fly to Neverland tonight...wanna come?


  1. I would love to join you, Jade :)
    That is a wonderful quote... I am surprised the author would want to be unidentified with such genius? haha! :D
    If I somehow don't make it to yours from Aus tonight to join you in your Neverland flight... next time? and have a wonderful time! :)
    Blessings, lovely lady!


  2. This made me smile, there are quite a few people who I can imagine saying that! It seems to have an Ellerslie "ring" to it.

    I'm in a Narnia mood tonight, but I suppose if you already have plans for Neverland it's a good second choice ;-)

    Love you dearly Jade!

  3. I wonder who said that? Hmmm... I would love to tag along! Pick me up on your way there!! :)

  4. PS. I agree with Rachael! Who would want to hide??

  5. We would love to! ;-) Thanks for the invite!
    Your friends,
    the genius couple (heehee)

  6. Well, now won't we all make up a lovely party of flyers?? Rachel, we won't mind waiting for you to get here, will we everyone? And Lydia, I'm so glad that you're making an exception to come with us, even though I know you were wanting Narnia...we can put that on the list for tomorrow!!! Kate, we'll stop by and get you since it's on our way and Hannah, of course I counted you in! As far as "the genius couple" goes, how could we not take you along...we might get some more genius quotes out of you on the way, which I'm sure would lead to much hilarity!

  7. Jade, I feel like Ive stepped through the wardrobe or been sprinkled with fairy dust or tumbled down the rabbits hole whenever I click onto your blog -- its a magic land all its own!

  8. Alright, I retract the statement I just posted, this comment definitely ties with the other for the two best compliments I've EVER gotten! Thank you, sweet Chelsea:-) I hope you're having a magical, fairy dust filled, falling into Narnia, type of day with Him!