Wednesday, September 28, 2011

this girl I know... quite wonderful! She is truly a kindred spirit and the honest truth is that I adore her. You would love her if you knew her. Here are a few of the things that I love about her:

  • She totally understands when I have the wild desire to bake apples in the fall.
  • She's spontaneous like I am...this is quite fun and I'm sure will yield some very hilarious situations over the course of our friendship. (Remember Mad Greens, Grace?)
  • I never run out of things to talk to her about.
  • She makes me laugh.  Like really, genuinely laugh.
  • She understands my deep love for the middle books in the Anne of Green Gables series.
  • She is an amazing writer, though she needs to do more of it. I could read and read and read her know what I think? You need to go over there right now and check her blog out! You're gonna LOVE it!! It's the kind of blog that one checks several times a day to see if anything new has been posted.
  • She sends me random skype messages and emails. 
  • Her friendship has pushed me to press ever deeper into my God.
  • She has the most awesome laugh ever! Sometimes when I'm with her, I try to think of funny things to say just so I can hear her laugh! True story.
  • She will throw together the most random outfit and it looks incredible on her! Like she just stepped off the pages of a quirky, whimsical magazine add.
  • She is one of the bravest girls I know. She has battled against some of the most discouraging attacks on her health and the whole time, she's done it with a smile so radiant and a joy so evident, you'd never know there was anything wrong with her. 
  • She genuinely loves when I do crazy, weird, random...ok, sometimes scary, but not on purpose...things. (Remember the cop and the round about, Grace?)
  • I could go on and on and on, but do you want to know the thing I love about her the most? Her genuine, deep, evident love for her Savior. Her life is a testament to the world of what it looks like to live completely poured out and used up for the glory of Jesus. She is beautiful, not because of how she looks on the outside (though that is quite stunning) but, because He radiates out of her! Lou, I love you. Thank you for being one of the greatest examples in my life of a young woman pursuing her King.
P.S. Seriously, you need to go read her blog:


  1. Aw, shucks. *shuffles feet* You're too sweet. *blush*

    But I LOVE you. So much. You are the kindredest of kindreds...and I can't imagine what sort of diseases I might have if I didn't know you. ;)

    Looking forward to Friday!

    And YES, I remember Mad Greens! One of my favorite memories of you, because I was all "!!! Spontaneous friend. AWESOME!"

    And YES, I remember the cop and the roundabout. I still die laughing when I think about it. And everytime I go around a roundabout I think about it. So I die laughing every time I go around a roundabout. :D

    Aw, Bird...I think God for you. *hugs*