Thursday, September 1, 2011

in which I eat....

So, here's the thing. I'm, really southern, which is a beautiful thing...I think;-) I love that I come from the south! You won't find anyone more proud of their state, in fact, now that we're on the topic, I one hundred percent think South Carolina is the most beautiful state, hands down. I am biased:-) There are many other states that have stolen my heart (namely Oregon), but if asked, I will fiercely defend how incredible my home state is (Charleston anyone?) and not accept any other place as coming close.

Yes, the low country of South Carolina is a hauntingly beautiful place, boasting some of the best food in this great land of ours. 'Twas in said low country, that my taste buds experienced something new this evening. You see, I am of the strong opinion that I should try most things, at least once. Not the insane "let me go out and eat the lining of a cow's stomach" kind of anything. But, the normal and sometimes strange "if you're going to go to many different countries you need to get out of your food bubble" kind of anything. And so it was that I found myself sitting in Ms. Flo's restaurant in beautiful Murrel's Inlet, South Carolina this fine summer evening. Not just sitting, but seriously considering something new (thoughts of a plate piled high with baby octopus while living in South Korea flitting through my head) and quite far from my comfort level to try as an appetizer. However, I like a good challenge, especially when it comes to something like this so looking at my Dad, I inquired about said menu item. Saying that he'd quite enjoyed it when he'd eaten it in the past, I bravely agreed to take the plunge and try some.

The waitress, having assured me that I was going to love what was about to be placed before me, scurried off to wrestle said animal so that we might have the most fresh and delectable version....ok, well not really, but she did hurry off at quite a little clip, seeming very eager to have it back out to us. And back she did come (in record time I might add....or was it that I was just wishing for a bit more time to prepare myself for said food?) placing before me something that looked nothing like the animal it had come from. Slowly, I raised the battered, seasoned, and deep fried (I know this is shocking to all my friends who know what a health nut I am) object to my mouth and....crunch...."Now," I thought to myself, "what do you honestly think about this?" myself answered back, "Delicious!" Though, looking back, I'm not sure that the batter and seasoning were not a bit of a ploy to cover up a bit of the flavor...maybe someone who has had the unfried version would be able to enlighten me a bit more?

Now, can you imagine what said item could have been? Oh, look....there's a picture of one below! Gator anyone?


  1. You make me smile, Jade. I have tried alligator and found it to be quite delectable. I should visit you in S.C. and we could eat some together. :)

  2. Come on down, Chelsea, and we'll go get a big order together!

    Kelsey, I'm not sure that bravery had anything to do with it...stupidity maybe;-) At least it turned out good though:-D

  3. Can you believe it but I've never really been to the True south. Oklahoma was as far as I've got!