Monday, September 5, 2011

things we (...I) learned on our road trip.

DAY 1:

  •  Don’t drink a gallon of coffee before trying to drive 18 hours...really, it makes for a long trip. 
  • Aja can squeal at a pitch that should not be humanly possible to reach when she finally sees a Chick-fil-a sign after looking for one for hours.
  • Looking over, Aja says, “I have a confession to make.” Preparing for something very serious I turn to her, giving her my full, undivided attention and seriously reply, “Oh, ok. What is it?” Without cracking a smile she says, “ I like Justin Bieber. Like, I really like Justin Bieber.” Watch out world, Aja has Bieber fever!!!
  • When stopping at a Kentucky gas station, we learned that the people there are actually our long lost family that we never knew about! Seriously. One nice older gentleman wanted to know where we were coming from, assured me that that was a LONG way (yes, my back side agrees with you, dear Sir), that we needed to take our time and not drive too fast, and made me promise him that we would definitely stop and get a hotel room...twice. You would have loved him, Nanu!
  • We love to randomly shout out “Paducah!!” and “Buckboard!!!” while driving...randomly...
  • Don’t try to make Aja laugh while eating a’s highly possible you could possibly inhale your own cherry pit...yep.
  • If you hit a “jail worker” in Illinois, you get fined $10,, we did not put this to the test...however, Aja without any hesitation yells out, “LET’S DO IT!” .....if I was concerned about her before.....
  • Missouri boasts some of the most amazing lightning ever! It’s an amazing way to stay awake while driving at 2 in the morning....who needs coffee when one has a lightning show??
DAY 2:
  • Upon stopping for candy corn and a book on tape at Cracker Barrel, Aja seriously informs me, “Well, we need to go ahead and get gas, because Kansas is a PSYCHO state and we might run out before we get to another gas station!! ” 
  • While pumping gas at said station, hold on tight because there is a high possibility that Kansas could mistake you for Dorothy and blow you to Oz!
  • Aja and I both decided that, “Sushi is like fireworks in our mouths!” True story.