Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Our only business is to LOVE and DELIGHT ourselves in God!"  
            -Brother Lawrence

Thank you Mandy for this wonderful quote!!


  1. Oh such a very wonderful quote! Thank you for sharing it Jade... I enjoy (I think that is the right word...) reading Brother Lawrence's writings... always inspiring and challenging.
    <3 Rachael

  2. This truly is a wonderful quote, it will be going in my quote book!
    I also absolutely love that collage picture, so naturally beautiful. As is your header. Your blog blesses me every time I open it with it's feminine beauty and the words you write which obviously come from God. Thank you Jade - love you much!

  3. heldbyHishand- So glad you were encouraged by this! He is so faithful to encourage us in the smallest of ways:-)

    Beautiful Lydia- Isn't it a wonderful quote?! Mandy sent it to me in an email last night and I just had to share it! I'm so glad you're enjoying my blog...though it's not really mine at all, but completely His:-) I love and miss you, sweet girl! Praying He is richly moving in your life!