Friday, May 7, 2010

Home Again...

I'm off to spend the weekend with my quirky, wonderful family this afternoon. We're celebrating three birthdays and Mother's Day all in one weekend! Whew! That's a lot of celebrating going on. It's such a lovely drive there and I'll have some quality one on one time with the Lord to pray and listen to beautiful music. There's nothing like a drive through the mountains...unless of course, it's a drive by the sea. And there's no better place to do some serious praying than when I'm alone in my car. It's almost become a prayer closet, I can cry, laugh, go into hysterics if need be, with no worries of anyone hearing me. However, other drivers that pass me may wonder if I'm a bit touched I suppose:-) You should try it sometime, praying in your car I mean, not necessarily the hysterics. Happy prayer driving everyone!

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