Tuesday, February 15, 2011

an unpoetic life.

I have a life that is ordinary. It is nothing special. I do not head off into the sunrise each morning looking for prince charming, nor do I seek out grand adventures around each bend in the road. Rarely do I find myself face to face with danger and never have I been the damsel in distress in any story.

However, though my life may be ordinary, I have found One that has changed how I view every aspect of the life I live. He has become such a part of me, that I now see each day as He sees it. I have caught a vision of a life that has been given to Him, and all that He would make it to be. No longer do I view any day as mundane, as having nothing of worth in it, for each day He has granted me to live is a beautiful journey in all its ordinary beauty. Each sunset I witness, each bow I draw across my violin's strings, each note that floats into my ears, the flowers in all their colorful dress, the lakes and rivers and oceans that ebb and flow and rush, the laughter and imagination of four wonderful kiddos, all of it is a grand ordinary adventure. It's beautiful, this ordinary, plain, uneventful life.

I know it will not always be so. For my life is His. His to do with as He wills and when you live a life completely given to an extraordinary God, it will not remain ordinary for long. What joy there is in the waiting, in the glorious task of only focusing on falling ever more in love with He who gave all for me. So, I suppose I already have begun the epic journey that He has scripted. And it begins with the beautiful, wonderful, breathtaking honor of learning ever more who He is.

Perhaps my life, my adventure that I've just begun to live will take me to far away countries. Perhaps it will require all that I have and gladly I will give it. For as Jim Elliot once said, " He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." That is the end of the adventure, the prize that I am striving for, to gain my Jesus. For if I have only Him, I can never lose all that means the world to me. As long as I have Him, the adventure will only become more epic with each passing day.


  1. beautiful. wow, how I adore your blog posts.

  2. This reminds me of Much Afraid becoming Grace and Glory in the High Places. After such a transformation it is joyful going back into the valley. We know that our Shepherd is always near, and we can bound up to the High Places to refresh ourselves in the cool mountain air with refreshing mountain streams.
    And if we can experience such beauty in the day to day of living in a sinful world, image Heaven! Each day entering upon new glories!

    ...I can't wait...

  3. Oh, it's all Him, Sarah! All the glory to Jesus:-) Gabi, I LOVE that book! I can't tell you how many times I've read it and I'm so thrilled that this reminded you if it:-D Isn't our God incredible?! And I can't wait for Heaven either, for what JOYS must await us there if we can find such joy with Him on this earth! Missing you dear one.