Monday, May 23, 2011

in awe.

Another beautiful day finished. The clock ticks out a beautiful rhythm as evening creeps in. Crickets and birds sing a lovely harmony in the stillness of the evening, welcoming in this enchanted time of day. Sitting here, listening to their song, I am drawn to His feet, wanting to press in and listen for His quiet whisper to come away with Him. I'm reminded of Song Solomon where His sweet voice calls so clearly...

"My beloved spake, and said unto me, 'Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.'"              -Song of Solomon 2:10
This is what I hear in the still of the evening. A beautiful call from Him, asking that I steal away and gaze into His beautiful face. There is nothing sweeter, no thing in this world that can rival the time spent just listening in the quiet. So often, I run here and there, busy, busy, busy, and miss the quiet, the stillness where His voice is articulated best in my soul. Yet, here in the stillness of this evening, I am once again reminded of my sweet Jesus, of His love for me, and like a wave breaking on the shore, it breaks upon me once again, this love of He who loved me so much He gave His life to save mine. Once again, I am in awe of the title wave of love that fills my soul. He is worthy, worthy to have this life of mine to do with as He will.

It is so sweet, sweet to have Him as the keeper of my heart, the keeper of all that I am, trusting that never will He leave, never will He turn away because He's angry with me, frustrated, or hurt...though, I know I have hurt Him time and time again. To know that no matter what, He constantly pursues me, He constantly calls for me to come away, never giving up and I am so in awe of all this. I love Him so, for the life He's blessed me with, for each day that I draw breath, for each beautiful evening and glorious morning I am honored to live in, for the people He has chosen to put in my life, it's all so astounding.

Every single day that passes by, though it may be ordinary, is extraordinary when lived through the eyes of my God and I wouldn't give up this life for anything in the world!


  1. amen and amen. sweetly put, Jade.

  2. Amen. Oh amen, Jade. I told a friend recently..."My life is really hard right now. But Jesus makes it beautiful."

    And He does. Always.

  3. Yes, isn't that the sweetest thing, Melanie? To have hard times, but to never lose the sweetness and that deep vein of joy that flows through us when we have Him. I pray you have a beautiful day, sweet girl!