Saturday, May 28, 2011


This morning holds promises of a lovely, wonderful, simple kind of day. Perhaps it says that cinnamon pancakes for four beautiful kiddos should be the first order of business. Perhaps it promises that I will go with three of these beautiful kiddos to a local farm on this perfect spring day. Perhaps it sweetly whispers that a picnic just might be in order when we're finished looking at all the animals and running about hither and yon. Perhaps it promises of sweet, tired naps when we're home once again from our special outing, of gently laying two tired heads down with kisses and snuggles and words saying that I'll come wake them up "in a little while" for a lullaby. Then, the promises continue with laughing and giggling as the afternoon wears on and I think of how very much I love this life of mine. And to think they're not even my own kids, but I love them like they were. So, this morning whispers of the future and all that it could hold with other little ones yet to be. And my face smiles and my heart is happy for such a day.

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  1. Mmmm. My heart echoes those hopeful whispers. :)