Friday, January 28, 2011

in the wee hours.

The sun did not want to leave this evening. It was as if he was holding on to this day with every grain of his being, lighting the sky on fire in his struggle to stay. Ah, but evening gently crept in, persuading the sun to let go in the end, assuring him that tomorrow would come when he could again blaze and shine forth. Relenting, he rode to the west, and in her ever gentle hand, evening softened her canvass with pale lavender, blues, and pinks of every shade. She allowed the stars to come dancing forth, laughing and winking at the dim earth. I love her, more than any other time of day, for she teaches me with her coming, to wait patiently for the morning. And what glories await in the morning!

There is something magical about the morning, before the sun has rubbed the sleep from his eyes and night is becoming ever softer. Night, just before the morning, is a much friendlier version of itself than the night that has a firm hand on the time between 10-4. The night that I greet so often in those wee hours just after four, begs to be known. It wants to be talked to or talked in. It assures me somehow, that my prayers are unhindered, if a bit groggy. It is in this pre-morning night, that I find the face of my God, that I discover sitting at His feet is the only place I want to be in the whole world. What is it about this time of the "day" that ushers in the stillness of He whom my soul loves, more than any other time of the day? It's quite astounding and beautiful and humbling. 

This is what I'm pondering in the dark of the night as I sit and think over my day. I'm pondering the joys that await with each new morning, with each day that I walk with my Jesus. I'm thinking of the oil of gladness that He was anointed with and I'm anticipating finding this in just a few hours. For to know Him is to be filled with joy unimaginable! 

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  1. Thank you for this. Your perspective on life is beautiful. Your posts are refreshing and encouraging, as you amazingly communicate what joy it is to walk with the Savior! Often times you say the very things I feel..just in fewer and more beautiful, expressive grouping of words :) thank you so much again! blessings