Saturday, June 18, 2011

frosting, france, and other random thoughts.

A few things that are running through my head this beautiful morning:
  • If you have never heard the song "Jesus, King of Angels" by Fernando Ortega, you need to listen to it. 
  • Today is going to be a very full and wonderful day. Among other things, I am making bright pink and purple frosting (have I mentioned what a frosting fiend I am?) for cupcakes for a very anticipated birthday party for this little cutie below. Who is turning 2, by the way! Oh, boy! How I love this little girl, she is one of the many lights in my life and how thankful I am to my precious Jesus, that He saw it was good to place her in my life. 

  • Alright, I have decided that making carmel coffee and adding a teaspoon and a half of cocoa powder, is pretty much amazing! Especially for a chocolate lover....Mandy, if you're reading this, you need to try this! How do you feel about chocolate in your black coffee?? Well, we can try it when you come over to my room;-)
  • Saturday mornings are definitely my favorite morning out of the whole week. It's the only morning I don't have to rush off somewhere. Now, this may seem strange, but I do not use it to sleep really late, though I do sleep until 6 on Saturdays, which is late for me. Instead, I get hours first thing with my Jesus. I drink way too many cups of coffee, journal, dive into the Word, pray and blog till my heart's content:-) It's a very wonderful sort of morning. If I am blessed to have kiddos of my own one day, I can't wait to share Saturday mornings with's gonna be our favorite morning of the week! Can you say double chocolate chip pancakes, anyone?! Oh yea, I'm gonna be that kind of mama:-D 
  • I'm thinking of France on this beautiful morning, in the middle of America....I think I would like to go there very, very much. 
  • I think I shall think of France a lot's just that kind of day:-) 


  1. ♥ this post, Jade. :)

  2. Oooh! Cocoa in coffee?!
    Brilliant! : )
    I definitely look forward to trying it!

  3. Happy belated 2nd birthday to the little cutie :)

  4. Yes, let me tell you France is everything you imagine and more.. I loved Boulogne the most but that was decades ago now when I was a school kid.