Friday, June 10, 2011

procrastinating and pondering.

So, I should be sorting, folding, and putting away clothes. Instead, here I sit typing away, just as if I had nothing better to do:-) Perhaps I really don't. The clothes will wait and I'll get a lovely post out of all of this waisted time...

Tomorrow begins another term here on our beautiful little campus. New faces, new personalities, all coming together for a beautiful rocky mountain summer! I love summer! Not just because I have such high expectations of what my God will do with those coming here this summer, but simply because He is so good and I still wake up every morning and I'm amazed that this is my life. Wow. Thinking over the journey, the steps it took to walk the path to this place, I am in awe at the hand of He who knows me so well, holding mine with each and every step. At times, not holding my hand, but carrying me when I could not stand on my own feet any longer. For He knows when He should take my hand and when He should wrap me in His arms and carry me through the journey He has asked to walk with me on. In the morning, in the evening, He knows it all.

So, here I sit, procrastinating and pondering the summer ahead. Actually, I'm thinking about lots of other things that fact that A just discovered that if you steep peppermint tea, add unsweetened cocoa, then a little steavia, it makes the most delicious peppermint hot chocolate. And the best part is that it's healthy!!! As Pooh would say, "Yum, Yum!" I shall try this momentarily...instead of picking up my room.

Also, did you know that if you beat 3 egg yolks with about a teaspoon of cornstarch, heat a cup of milk with cocoa to taste, then mix all of that together, add a little stevia and stick it in the refrigerator (or freezer in popsicle makers) you will have a yummy chocolate pudding (or fudgesickles) that have no sugar and are simply scrumptious! True story:-)

I'm headed off with A tomorrow for a nice long day of work and play in Old Town. Of course, our playing usually consists of some sort of work...which really isn't like work at all...obviously;-) We shall plant ourselves in a nice little coffee shop or cafe and stay there an untold number of hours working on this project or that. I need to find her birthday present at some point in tomorrow's day. The gift I was going to get her is now (because of untold circumstances) a little too expensive for my budget this month, so now I've got to get creative...any ideas? I love getting creative with gifts. You should just see the beautiful little fairy easter basket that some of the "wee folk" dropped off for A on Easter...I'll post some pictures of it, shall I?

Alright, now I'm officially falling asleep, so I do believe I'll turn in for the night. This post was pointless...but, we need a bit of pointless every now and then, don't we. I still haven't taken care of those clothes....sleep sweet!


  1. randomness is always great ;) your pointlessness makes me smile. a lot!! hehe

  2. Likewise! Love and miss you Jade. I know God has amazing things in store for you this summer. It's hard to believe it's been over a YEAR since this all started....