Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happenings or thoughts from a day spent at my parents:

1. Wow, is it 6 am already? Why is this bed so much harder to get out of than my bed?

2. Please let there be cereal I can actually eat (oh the worries of someone allergic to gluten)...there is!!! YAY!

3. Drove through the canyon, was struck once again with its beauty and majesty.

4. No, I do not want to eat that...what is it anyway?

5. I am full to overflowing with wonderful brother hugs. Is there anything better?

6. Realized around noon that I'd missed coffee in my hunt for cereal this morning. Ugh, no wonder I'm so tired...

7. I have got to order new contacts! Well, maybe next month when I can budget them in...

8. Realized I have an article to write by Monday morning. What will I write it about? I have no idea. Don't you know I never know what I'm going to write about until I actually start writing?

9. Ate pistachio almond ice cream.

10. I want to go sky diving...really bad.

11. Was given a beautiful necklace from my dad, who just couldn't wait until Christmas apparently:-) He said it was to remind me that I'm his "carolina girl." Yep, he's pretty much awesome.

12. Was told that I looked like "one of those actresses" by an older lady, but "for the life of her, she just didn't know which one"...hmmm, I will just take that as a compliment;-)

13. Was described to someone as being "bouncy happy." He then proceeded to look at me this evening and said, " You know, now that I've been around you all day, you really are bouncy happy!" Well, since it's all Jesus, does that mean He is "bouncy happy"...yea, food for thought isn't it?;-)

14. Missed a dear friend

15. Missed another dear friend and the notes she leaves under my door.

16. Decided to make time this week to bake gingerbread with missed friend.

17. Decided to bring gingerbread to other missed friend who more than likely will not be baking with us.

18. Was asked if I thought I may have met my future husband

19. I realized today that it's almost November, which means the "holiday season" is almost upon us and it is my most favorite time of the year!!!

20. Had the very odd thought that I may actually enjoy this winter. We'll see how I feel about that come February...

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