Sunday, October 17, 2010

Who are you?

Tell me who you are. Take me into your world and let me listen to all of who you are. Make me feel as if I were you, or a part of you, or at least a character in your world. What happens when I'm not here to listen to your story? Does everything in your world stop until I come back again? Do you twiddle your thumbs and wait for me with anticipation? Do you long to move about and continue on with your journey, but instead you wait for me to come along? I've heard about your journey many, many times. I never grow tired of hearing it and will probably come back to your adventure many, many times before I grow old. Every time I do, it seems to be a different story in some way. How is that possible? For you are you and your adventure is what it is, however, as I age your story ages with me. That is the magic, isn't it? That no matter how old I grow, you are timeless and my heart never tires of having you in all your youthfulness and your journey in all its age.

No matter how long I am away from you, no matter where I've gone or what I've done, you always welcome me home again and we pick up right where we left off. No phone calls or texts or facebooking needed, you just love that I come back to you. Truly, there is no other as dear and welcoming as you are. This is just one of the many reasons I love and appreciate you so much. Though others may come to know you, you are forever mine alone, yet you will also be personally theirs as well. It is beautiful how you can do such a thing, making one person feel as if you belong only to them and making the next feel just the same.

I don't mind. I want to share you with as many people as will listen to you. I want them to come to know you in all their own way and I will continue to know you in mine. I think I will come back today. I'll come back to your world that I know so well. I'll come back to all that you are and become lost in your story. Perhaps you'll tell me of a magical land where four children are called to and become forever kings and queens, beloved by Aslan (he's not a tame lion you know). Perhaps you'll gently whisper to me of my Jesus and what life may have been like for Him so long ago. Perhaps, in hearing your thoughts on who He was, I'll fall all the more in love with Him. Maybe, I'll become best friends with a redheaded orphan girl and dance with her past the Lake of Shining Waters into Avonlea, or I could become a fifth sister to four other sisters who become Little Women in the course of their story. Wherever you take me, whomever I meet, I know that by making the choice to listen I'll be forever changed. And if the choice is the right one, the change is the most beautiful thing of all...

"The function of a good book is
to stand like a signpost guiding
the reader to the Truth and the Life."

-A.W. Tozer

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  1. Thanks kid. For being you. Full of wonder and wisdom. Thanks for treasuring Him so.