Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Of English Mornings and Pooh Bear

This morning is a decidedly "English" morning. The kind of morning where I look out the window at my little lake and can only just make it out through the heavy fog floating about everywhere. The little golden tree that stands outside my window is no longer dancing in the autumn breeze, but he is held perfectly still by a stillness that only comes with this kind of fog. It's a weighty and mysterious fog, which I love. An English fog. Even the birds are quiet, not daring to utter a single note for fear of breaking the silence.

I love everything about this kind of morning. I can look out, while the mountains are clouded from view, and almost imagine I'm in England...or Ireland. If I did not know beyond the shadow of a doubt that this is right where my God has placed me (and I do know this to be an absolute truth), I would almost be convinced that my ancestors made a grave mistake by
getting on the boat! Yes, this is a bit dramatic, but I do feel sometimes as if I was born in the wrong country during the wrong time period. This is dramatic as well and a bit silly even:-) Thankfully, I know that He created me for such a time as this and placed me right where He wants me to be. There is a sweet assurance in this thought, to know that I am in His mighty right hand and for now, He would have me no where else in the whole world, then right here in this little town, shadowed by these beautiful mountains, and witnessing this perfect English morning. When I see mornings like this, I feel like He has written me a love letter, reminding me that this is just for me and as long as I'm with Him, He can make any place perfect.

Yes, this morning is basically perfect. There is nothing, I'm quite convinced, so cozy as being tucked away in a pretty little room, snuggled down at one's very "english cottage" desk, cup of coffee in hand, letting my fingers sing out a steady song with every tap at the keyboard. There is nothing more cozy than having a cold, foggy, english morning to gaze out at and looking forward to the day that holds nothing in it for one to dread. This is wonderful. Of course, I can say there is nothing more wonderful than this kind of morning since I'm not braving the
outdoors to greet it.

This kind of start to the day makes me want to bake apples and make gingerbread 'till I drop! It's just the sort of thing that one should do on such a day. For some reason, when autumn really sets in it makes me want to watch Winnie-the-Pooh. Hmmm, I have no idea why, but it does. Maybe because it's such a sweet, cozy story? And I do crave cozy, beautiful things this time of year. Apple pie sounds really good too, hot out of the oven! I think that is definitely going to be put down on my list of things to accomplish today. It's an apple pie, with extra cinnamon and cloves kind of day. Then, perhaps just to make it perfect, I can talk the kiddos into sitting still long enough to watch Pooh bear while I make the pie. Now, that would make the day almost too there such a thing?

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