Saturday, March 26, 2011


People are interesting. The people passing in and out of my life for only a few seconds at a time, where are they going? What kind of life do they live? Where do they come from? The amazing thing is that, they only come across my path for a millisecond in the aspect of my life and I'll probably never see them again, yet I still, for a very brief moment, wonder about them.

Are they happy? Many of them aren't. Why? Some are miserable and it surrounds them, as if they're drowning in it. Some look as if they'd rather be anywhere else but here. Where would they like to be? Do they wish they were with someone else? Do they want to just escape?

Some are happy, laughing, radiant...they are few and far between.

Sitting here, watching as those around me enjoy their coffee, tea, or other hot drink of choice, I wonder about them. The young guy sitting in front of me for instance, his mohawk and army jacket give him a very tough air, but his eyes tell another story. He's sad, hurting even. He tries to concentrate on the book he's reading, but frequently looks out the window, becoming lost in the world of those walking by. Slowly, he takes out his computer and tries to concentrate on the screen, with no better luck than the book offered. He puts his head down, rubbing it with vigor, then rubbing his face, he finds more concentration in the wall next to him than the book, computer, or people offered. He's lost in another world...

The older man to my right wearing the bright green "mountain dew" shirt is vigorously tapping out a dance on his computer keys. He's happily focused on whatever he's doing, stopping now and then to really think, rub his chin, and begin the dance anew.

A young college student is twirling her hair as she bends deeply into her text book. She looks like she would pick it up and eat it if she could...I remember the feeling well. She rubs her temples hard, presses her eyes, and bends down again. I do not miss those days, nor would I go back to them for all the money in the world.

The man directly in front of me is talking, yes, talking to his computer screen....shall we assume he's skyping someone? Thing is, he's not. Really. He's just frustrated about whatever said computer is or isn't doing. I know that feeling well:-) I wonder if he has a "spinning rainbow" as a certain little boy in my life calls the spinning pinwheel on our mac computers.

Well, there goes mohawk guy. He finally tore himself away from the wall long enough to realize he really did not want to be here after all.

Oh man, that guy with hostile feelings towards his computer is really letting the mouse have it now...I don't know how long the poor little mouse can handle being slapped around like that.

Ah, it's interesting to be in a public place. People are indeed interesting and do the most random and quirky things. Yet, though I don't know them and the only reason I'll remember them after today is because I wrote this blog, something inside of me hurts for them. I ache for those that truly are lost and hurting, who have no saving knowledge of who their Savior is, though they live in America, where it should be easier than anywhere else to know Him. Ah, but this is definitely not the case. For it is here, in this beautiful country that I truly love so much, it is here that it is the hardest to find Him...

So, instead of letting them walk in and out of my life, I'll assume that He did not allow them to pass by and let me notice them for no reason. Nothing is coincidence. I'll assume that I should pray, should wrestle for their souls just like I do for anyone else. For they are His heart. It is not just the orphaned and vulnerable that His heart aches for, it's all those that clearly do not know or have a relationship with Him. And because this is His heart, it should be mine as well...

Who passed in and out of your life today?

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  1. mhm, recently at starbucks watching people come and go (tis very amusing), this same thought struck me. So interesting and yet ever sad it leaves me to think that i didn't touch their lives in some way. So yes, we pray as we seek to have His heart, knowing He didn't let them pass in and out for no reason. Thanks for this reminder :) Pray your evening is blessed with coziness.