Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I believe we are.

Let's go. You and I alone. Take my hand and we'll jump on the back of the north wind. We'll gently ride up to where the stars are alive and singing their star song. We'll head in the direction of Neverland, first star to the right and straight on 'till morning. Do you suppose we could get lost there? Maybe we can have a fantastic picnic with the lost boys that ends in a huge food fight! Or perhaps, we could go on a grand adventure to look for buried treasure. It will probably be quite dangerous, you know. Full of pirates, flying, crocodiles, boys that never grow up, and indians... are you brave enough? Am I brave enough? I believe we are.

Then again, we could go straight to visit Pooh Bear, Rabbit, Piglet, Tigger, and Owl. There are so many wonderful, grand things to do in the Hundred
Acre Wood. Like chasing clouds, counting bees in hives, getting honey pots unstuck from a certain bear's nose,hunting for Skullasauraus, running from noises made by said skullasaurus, or trying to find Owl a new home. Then, we will have to attend Roo's birthday party, where there will be many wonderful games to be played and delicious birthday cake with extra colorful and scrumptious icing to devour. Yes, these are mighty adventures indeed and will require some one very clever...are you clever enough? Am I? I believe we are.

However, there is always the open invitation we have to tea at Mr. Tumnus's house. There will be a nice brown egg, nicely boiled for each of us, then, sardines on toast, buttered toast, and then honey on toast. Finally, there is the delectable sugar-topped cake and of course perfectly steeped tea. Afterwards, we shall all sit and chat by the crackling fire and listen to beautiful music provided by Mr. Tumnus himself. We will probably discuss the state of things, all the happenings with the
Beavers and wondering why such and such did this and that. Since we are all such great friends, there will be no need to fill up every inch of space with talk, there will be time to have comfortable silences that one only has with the very truest of friends. I'm quite sure that we will have that delicious, warm, perfectly full feeling, that only comes from eating just the right amount of the very best things and then, after we've solved all the problems that need solving, we'll doze comfortably in front of that inviting fire. Our chairs will be pulled up close to its glowing presence and we'll snuggle back cozily into their softness...This all, of course, will demand that we be the truest of true friends. Are you true enough? Am I? I believe we are.

When we finally arrive back home from wherever we decided to go, we'll have to sit and write of all our many, grand adventures. Then, as the years pass, we'll look back and say, "Do you remember when..."