Friday, November 19, 2010

Two Choices

Oh, I want to be in the place I once knew as a child. I want to rest in Him with all the trust and assurance that I possessed in those beautiful and simple days. Why must I complicate it when it's really the most simple thing in the world? He is beautiful, so very beautiful and I am ugly. Yet, He loves me still. This is truly wonderful, too wonderful for my mind to grasp. As surely as if I'd been the one to hammer the nails into His precious hands, my work, my flesh, everything in me hung Him on that cross. Yet, willingly He hung there. He only had two choices. He could avoid or even come down from the cross and escape the torment, but it would be a life without me. Or He could be tortured and tormented, bear the anguish of all my sin, and die, but this would provide me the choice of living forever with Him. He chose me. He chose me knowing that I could choose to not be with Him. He chose to die rather than to imagine living without me while knowing full well that if I did not choose Him, His sacrifice would be for nothing. He went through it all anyway, because He loves me that much. He loves you that much. For though He gives all of Himself to me, He does the same for you as well and when He hung on that cross, He was thinking of you. He did it all for you as if you were the only person in this whole world.

I know all of this. Yet, there are times I still doubt. Even though I know all of this, I still have the audacity to still doubt! Why?! What is wrong with me? I am human and my flesh would rule me if I let it. It would tell me that there is no way a God, a man, would do all this for me. Yet, I am made in His image and He that is in me holds my heart and assures me that, yes, as God, as man, He did all of this and would do it all again to give me that choice. To give you the choice. It is the most beautiful, incredible, astounding thing to think about. It is not complicated. It is quite simple. He had two choices and so do I. For He was a prince, He gave up His throne and came down to save this lowly woman, to fight His greatest foe, who was holding me hostage, with all that was in Him. He fought and He died, all because of this great love that He has for me. It is a fairy tale, the most romantic of stories, and it is mine alone. Yet, the beauty, the most glorious and wonderful thought is that it is all yours alone as well.

So, whom do you choose? I choose life abundant with Him. I choose to live a life that is hard, that requires I die to my flesh that I may live to know all the riches and glories of being in His presence, that asks me to lay down all I would hold dear that He may replace it with things far more wonderful than I can ever imagine. I choose to be His and His alone because I love Him above all others. I choose to live with Him because I have found that it is in being with Him that I have found the most incredible joy and happiness. I choose to live with Him, because living without Him is not living at all. Living without Him would be a mere shadow of a life that can only be found to the fullest in Him. I choose my Jesus, my prince.

Whom do you choose?

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  1. What a perfectly beautiful explanation of the good news. I think this Sunday if all the preachers in all the world got up and said know...