Thursday, November 18, 2010

Do you have any?

The mountains in the distance are so clearly beautiful today. It's been snowing way up there and their peaks have been bathed in stark white snow. They seem to be glowing today as the sun blazes down upon them. I love days like this. Days that are ordinary. Days that require dragging myself out of the bed, working a bit, then heading off to the kiddos. As I write this, two little faces, pudgy with food, are staring back at me with the expectancy of another bite.

Today is just lovely in its simplicity. There are clouds blowing in from the east and the promise of a lovely, gray winter day is in the air. To the west, the sun continues to smile down on those beautiful mountain peaks. Dinner is in the refrigerator marinating and the rice is made to go along with it. Chicken satay with coconut rice anyone? That's what is being served around here for dinner tonight. Wonderful music is pouring from my speakers and I'm sitting in the perfect spot to see the east and west and the two days clashing together.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner? How did that happen? I think we jumped from 2009 to 2011, because 2010 can not be almost over. I love Thanksgiving! Next to Christmas, it's my favorite holiday, although this year I'm torn with wanting to stay with the choir kids and going home. However, my family won out since I haven't seen them all that much the last few months and I'll have time to spend with the kids when I get back. So, I'm headed to my parents next Tuesday/Wednesday fully prepared to be stuffed over the ensuing days to follow. My Dad makes the best turkey, hands down, better than anyone I've ever known. That turkey is incredible! Then, there will be two different kinds of cranberry salad, garlic mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and a whole host of other delightful creations that my parents come up with each year. They are deadly together in the kitchen. This year is special, however, because they just moved into a new house with a beautiful mountain river literally in their back yard. You should be jealous. It's going to be wonderful!

Whoever you are reading this, do you have any Thanksgiving traditions or something you love about Thanksgiving? I'd love to know if you do! Do you have any fun recipes to share? I'm making dessert this year (which I normally do) and I'd love some new recipes if anyone has any they'd like to share. I hope you, yes you reading this, have a beautifully blessed day today, overflowing with the love of our precious Jesus!

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  1. I wish I had a fun tradition or recipe to share, but the best part is spending the day with our very special friends, who are among the dearest in the world. Then there's the fact that the turkey "has" to have 6 wings, because that's the best part - according to my Dad and the man of their home. And my Mom's pistachio dessert. It almost wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it! It's everyones favorite, but personally I'm partial to pecan pie and ice cream. :0)

    I agree. This year has gone by incredibly fast! I hope you have a wonderful time home with your family . . . and those kiddos will be so excited to see you when you return. :0) Blessings!!