Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just Me...With Him...

I love being around people. I love to be one on one with someone, especially when they share the same passions I do (i.e. Jesus, orphans, prayer, being poured out for His kingdom, cottages, chai tea, life) however, I have discovered that I REQUIRE time alone. I've learned that I am definitely an introvert who will be an extrovert when needed. There is nothing sweeter than being alone with some wonderful music, a fascinating book, or just stillness. There is nothing I adore more than time with He who satisfies every desire of my heart and life. I am not interested in filling my days and weeks to the extent that there is no time left for Him. I have discovered that the sweetest refreshment I find is after spending hours alone just talking or walking with my God. It's as if this upside down world, all the doubts that creep in, the hurt and pain, the discombobulated, topsy-turvy existence that for a moment tries to become reality is all put in it's place. For none of it is real. This is not reality when I am in His presence. Reality with Him is peace, joy, happiness, and a clear vision of who I'm living with and for. Though there are times that are harder than others, I never loose His peace and joy when I'm making Him the priority of my day.

This is the secret to a life that is full to overflowing, though it should not be a secret to anyone. Try it and see. Make time with Him the priority of your day and watch your life miraculously change! It's amazing and beautiful and wonderful!! He is far more beautiful and amazing than you could ever dream and if you give Him the best hours of your day He will reveal plans for your life like you've never imagined. He is so faithful to fulfill every desire of our hearts if we are seeking His face first above all else. For, it is then that we are feeling the desires He has placed in our hearts and if He has placed them there, He is faithful to fulfill them.

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