Thursday, July 8, 2010


Let's be random. Let's sit together in a coffee shop and just talk about all the randomness that pops into our heads. About how wonderful the peppermint tea is here. Why do they have a picture of monkeys that says "Costa Rica"? Have you ever tried the Asian LuLu Bistro across the street? Neither have I, but they have rooftop seating...pretty cool. I'm freezing in here and it's almost the middle of July!! What is going on with this Colorado weather anyway? The people walking by the window keep staring in...can they see us or are they seeing their own reflections? Did you know that my favorite flowers are daisies...most days:-) They are just the friendliest flower and yes, I stole that line from You've Got Mail. But tis' true. When I grow old, I want to walk down the sidewalk holding my husband's arm like the sweet older couple that just walked by. I love great danes. Yep, just like the beautiful black dog sitting right outside the window. I love to smile, the lady sitting over there should try it sometime, she looks like she just sucked on a lemon. Do you think there might be a chance we could find the door to Narnia around here somewhere? I mean, with a name like Starry Night Cafe, who knows what might happen to us here! I believe we may walk out onto the street and find ourselves on the Narnian coast and Aslan will be on the move. He's not a tame lion you know. Huh, the ceiling in here is cobalt blue...I've never noticed that before, have you? What would happen if the clouds that are hanging so heavy began raining golden rain? What if we stood in it and began to sparkle with its golden water? Oh, did I tell you that Lucy is officially in Windsor? Yep, she is and she'll be coming home as soon as I get her paid off, which hopefully won't take months and months. She's beautiful. Would you like to see her? Ok, I'll show you a picture below. I think I need a refill of peppermint tea...

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