Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ordinary Days

There are days that are ordinary. In the moments in those days, I realize just how beautiful everyday, ordinary events are. Maybe I'll have a delicious cup of chai or eat a good lunch. Maybe I'll just have good chips and salsa. Maybe these kinds of days will reveal a new song that will turn into a favorite or a new verse that the Lord gives with all the sweetness of His personal love for me. Maybe I'll get an especially wonderful hug from my brother or find out that my best friend is having a little boy. Maybe I'll realize just how much an ordinary day can change my life forever or maybe I'll see no change at all. Maybe I'll try on a new black dress and find that it fits like a glove and will be perfect to wear in a certain wedding in the future. Maybe I'll jump on the trampoline with my little brother and remember what it was like to be a child with no worries. Maybe I'll try cinnamon gelato for the first time and find that it's my new favorite. Maybe I'll remember a certain someone and how much I wish they were still in my life. Maybe I'll be reminded that things happen for a reason and nothing happens by chance and in that thought I'll find comfort. Maybe I'll look forward to the future and all it may hold...but mostly look forward to tomorrow and homemade pie. Yes, I love beautiful, magical, ordinary today.

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