Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oh, the sea, the sea. I think I'm in love. This place is stealing my heart. This place where the trees hug the beach as if they want nothing more than to dive into the waves. Where the waves crash and roll in beautiful grays, blues, and greens. Mist and haze float about the air, dancing with the kites and seagulls. People sparsely run and play, bundled in sweaters one minute, casting them aside the next as the sun peaks out from behind the clouds. Balls and sticks are thrown into the booming waves, chased by bounding dogs of every shape and size, who then happily return to their masters and the scene is played again. A gigantic rock juts up from the edge of the water like a large beached sea turtle, covered in crooked trees and fairy green moss. Will heaven posses such beaches? Beaches that are beautiful in their colorlessness, yet who's colors shine all the more for it? There is no place on earth more lonely and aching than the sea, yet it stimulates one beyond all reason. Oh, to be lonely on the ocean rather than to be lonely anywhere else. To live where the horizon is lost upon its waters and the constant song of the waves is forever crashed out to their Creator. To live where I can stand and know that next to this great vastness, I am nothing but a grain of sand, yet He who created me whispers to my heart that I am His beloved. This is what it is to be loved beyond all understanding. This is what it is to be treasured by He whom my soul loves. It is in these moments that I realize afresh, I need no other in my life save the One I love above all others. He fulfills all that my heart and soul long for and if I have to wait to meet Him alone, I will be blessed beyond all measure. If He is the only one I will share my life with, what a wonderfully amazing life it will be!

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  1. I find myself reading this quite often. Beautiful words.