Monday, September 20, 2010


A day filled to overflowing, that's what today was! Overflowing with being tired this morning. Overflowing with a wonderful run when I finally did drag myself up. Overflowing with a precious gift from God in the form of a desk that is absolutely perfect and since He knew I'd never be able to afford such a wonderfully beautiful treasure, He gave it to me for free! Overflowing with making baby food for two precious little ones. Overflowing with said little ones sweet giggles, snuggles, and kisses. Overflowing with two "bigger ones" questions and needs and funny little sayings and even some complaints, like, " Miss. Jade, P is touching me!". Overflowing with beautiful music filling the background of all the happenings of this day. Overflowing with lovely, heavy, gray clouds. Overflowing this moment with a sunset that is perfect in its simpleness, not the kind of sunset that lights the clouds on fire, the kind of sunset that just reflects brightly on our little lake and falls gently behind the mountains with its golden light slowly fading away. Overflowing with sweetness just in the fact that I have the honor to live such a day. Overflowing with goodness, because it was a wonderfully overflowing day.

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