Thursday, September 30, 2010

On the Outside

Well, I thought the post below was all that I had to say, however, it seems my mind won't shut off. And my fingers are itching to fluidly fly across the keys. To hear the light clicking song that they make as they move back and forth. I love that sound, possibly as much as I love picking up a pen and having my hands fly across a page, leaving inky word trails in their path.

I'm surrounded by lots of people for the next few days. It's a buzz of activity around here, everyone running to and fro, trying to accomplish what's been assigned to them. Everyone's happy, if a bit stressed, and we all are enjoying being back together for the first time in a long time. I'm off to pick up the flowers with Karla first thing in the morning, then there's the rehearsal dinner tomorrow night, followed by a full day on Saturday of just being together before the big day Sunday.

Lives are forever changing. Lives will never be the same and people are willingly walking into the change, saying they never wish to go back again. Time flies. How did this happen? How are we old enough to be getting married? I feel as if we should be little girls of 5 and 6 again. We should be playing house and swimming in the creek. We should be in elementary school, writing letters back and forth and waiting with anticipation to receive a reply. We should be in high school, talking for hours and hours on the phone or IMing on AOL. We should be in college, just trying to make it through Calculus, not even having the energy to wonder what life holds after this is all over.

How did it fly by so quickly? Here we are and you're getting married. Here we are and you are glowing and beautiful and wonderful. Here we are and life is forever changing. This time, it's your life that's changing and not mine. And I love you. I love the change happening
in your life, I love witnessing all of this. You, my beautiful friend, you are going to have such an amazing life. This is all you've ever wanted and now it's here and I'm outside looking in. I love the outside still, I love just watching, knowing that if it is His will, my own life will someday forever change. For now, being on the outside looking in is right where I'm meant to be. Being on the inside looking out is right where you are meant to be. Let me know how it is, sweet girl, to have this beautiful change happen to you:-)

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