Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Secret

Someone once told me that no one could possibly be as happy and full of joy as I always seem to be, so it must not be genuine. Hmmm....Now, I am not trying to pretend that life is always laughter and no cares, however, I am full of joy and I am happier than I ever imagined possible. You see, I've discovered the secret, the secret to overflowing joy, peace, and happiness, even through the pain and heartache that inevitably are part of this thing we call life. Yes, there are times I hurt and there are times when life knocks the breath out of me. There are moments I wonder how I can go on, and then I feel the peace, the joy even though it may be way down there under those overwhelming moments of pain. It never leaves me, even when I don't want to go on. And then it keeps me going on, because I know that I was not made for this world, that my heart desires a place I have yet to see, a home I have yet to come home to, a man that I long to know, and yet He knows me unlike any other. This is the secret. He has made me to be with Him, and though I yearn and ache to be in that other world with Him, I have discovered that even though I am living in this world of pain and heartache, the heartache is not real and will not last forever. My heart is hidden in Him and as long as it remains there, the joy and happiness never leave. I am genuinely in love and as long as I am, how can I be any other way but supremely happy? How can I live and walk this life with Him and not have joy? How can I be victorious in Him and not be overflowing with peace and love? It's not possible. For me, there is no other way to live, there is no way to be His and not be all that He is. This I'm discovering is not just the warrior that stands for truth, who defends the helpless and the least of these, who's hand cleaves to His sword, but it's also being filled to overflowing with happiness, joy, fun, peace, love, while being every other aspect of who He is. This is the secret. I am no longer myself alone, for if I was I could not be so joyful. I am forever lost in all that He is...

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